The Thai Massage (no happy ending) ;)

How did I wait almost two whole weeks in Thailand before getting my first Thai massage? Crazy! Because it was so relaxing and wonderful, and all for the price of about $13. Yes, that was for an hour, of full body, head to toe!

They start with the feet, working up your legs with their own legs. My favorite part was how hot the lady’s hands were. You could really feel the energy coming from her, she was focused, reminded me of Reiki healing.

If you don’t know about Reiki, here is a site dedicated to the topic.

They work all the way up your legs, through your back, getting all the knots out. After about 30 minutes of that, I flipped over and she did another round on my legs. My favorite part was when she used her legs to stretch mine out, hard to explain, but cool to experience. Yu (my masseuse), massaged my arms, neck, hands, then I received a face massage. She used aloe vera, all over, it was very cooling and relaxing. Next, I was instructed to sit up as she worked more on my neck. I also received a short head massage, with some hair pulling, which felt great.

When I was done she presented me with a bottle of water to hydrate. Best $13 I have spent! Felt very calm and happy afterwards. Will have to try a hot oil massage tomorrow.

If you are in the neighborhood of Khaokhad Viewpoint (Cape Panwa,Chalong Bay), stop by the Beach Bar and visit Cindy Massage. Open every day 10 am until 9 pm. Enjoy!