The Ping Pong Show in Thailand, not what you might think….

All over Thailand, and especially in the touristy party areas you will always be approached by some guy saying ‘Ping Pong!’ Perhaps they come up to you with a laminated piece of paper with a list of random items, ping pong, Coca-Cola… I had no idea what this was about, until I asked my boyfriend. Of course, he knows everything! Especially on the topic..

So apparently, Ping Pong show is a trick show, where mainly Lady Boys, it seemed, will put random things up their.. hmm.. I guess that the puzzling part, and then expel them.

We didn’t end up staying, because, although the Ping Pong show was advertised as being free, you had to buy a very expensive drink to enjoy the show. The total seemed to be about $60-70 for Karim and I to have a drink and enjoy the show. So we left, while observing what looked like Coco-Cola being expelled out of.. Im not sure what..