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Arrived on the red eye, Good Morning New York!

Arrived on the red eye, Good Morning New York!

New York! New York!

This is not a destination; an end all to a journey. Instead, it is the beginning of one.

People who come here adopt a relationship with life that is rarely found elsewhere. Living here is being a survivalist. This place is not a place at all, but a state of being, a state of mind.

(New York State of Mind, anyone?)

Maybe thats where the hardass stereotype of New Yorkers originates from, that and walking through stampedes of crowds. But, New Yorkers do remind me of Russians. Thick coats on the outside, to protect themselves from the madness (this can be metaphorically as well). But, inside these homes, and hearts, are people who practice love, warmness and an inclusion you don’t experience in many other cultures. They are actually curious about who you are and where you come from: your story. Perhaps they have figured out something most of us haven’t; we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

That was something I experienced firsthand this time in New York City. The difference is in how people connect with eachother, especially from the perspective of a woman, interacting with other females. What I have seen usually: most girls are pretty cool to newcomers, unwelcoming as if their lives depend on hostility. But women I met in New York City were unlike any I had come in contact with before. Genuinely open, inviting and unassuming. So refreshing it may frighten some. Can this be for real?

Awesome colors amid a concrete jungle, Central Park.

Awesome colors amid a concrete jungle, Central Park.

So, what is a New Yorker? From what I have observed, this is one unique type of human. The people who flock here, or choose to stay, not only survive, but they live in a way that not all can. They are the doers, movers and shakers…

I once read an article about how frequently transformation occurs in New York. Everything from restaurants to stores are replaced, changed or moved. The New Yorker “sheds their skin like a snake” the article wrote. Its true. These people work on improving themselves and their situations. They are not the stagnant type. Those would not survive here. This city is full of passion, determination and sheer will. There people fight for their dreams, or get kicked out trying.

Fire escape fun photoshoot in Harlem...

Fire escape fun photoshoot in Harlem…

I was always drawn to New York.

Like Italy, it had this magnetic pull on me. Some things you cannot explain, its just a gut feeling you get. It wasn’t until my second visit to the Big Apple that I finally realized what makes this place so special. It’s the people.

Yes, the city itself is grand. It does not sleep. If anything, at night it seems to come alive more. The secret spots open up. People wind down their daily work to open up their hearts to their true desires.

Most of the people I met were entrepreneurs or of that mentality. By day, you have your job, and by night you have a hobby, an idea: your passion.

Here, people are on that hustle. They don’t always care what it is that you do, but that you are doing something, and something you can be proud of. A great reminder for all; follow your passions and happiness is surely nearby.

Sasha looking fly while staying warm in Harlem.

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