Scooter, or Bust!

Welcome to Thailand! Land of scooters, mango and the best (and some of the spiciest) foods you will get to try!

Everyone rides a scooter here. Unless they have a car, in which case its a small pick up truck or perhaps a really nice car, or a really, really basic one. But, the majority of locals and tourists will have a motorbike to zoom around. Great with the gas mileage, but so dangerous!

You see kids who are pretty young, driving their own. Or the family with a baby in the front, dad as the driver, oldest child in the middle and mom on the back, sometimes even riding side saddle while feeding the driver. These people have skills!

Rain or shine, and lately, because the rainy season is starting the rain and wind will come on rapidly and bombard the island, as the thunder give you a clue to how close you are to the eye. People ride these with determination and the ‘I don’t give a f*** attitude,’ its pretty glorious.

Its been an experience riding on the back of a scooter but I do not have the courage to ride by myself. Perhaps, some day.. or not!