Problem clothes around the world..


When we were traveling in Bali, there were many rules for types of shirts allowed in establishments. Our first lunch out, we arrived at Motel Mexicola in Seminyak, a delicious Mexican restaurant, with yummy tacos and guacamole. Karim was wearing his Bintang t-shirt, which is the local beer for Indonesia. Yet, because it was a shirt that had alcohol branding he was politely asked to turn his shirt inside out to wear before entering. This seemed to be a common rule especially when going to day or nightclubs. Advertisement posters stated that alcohol branding and singlets (tank tops) were also not allowed (most likely for men). Apparently singlet is a term often used in Australia. I couldn’t find much information on the internet, but when Karim showed up at a day club in his Jordan jersey and we were turned away, we got the picture.



The Bintang t-shirt.. and the man.

On the flip side, while in Panama City we have been going for runs in the mornings to get some exercise before the humidity and heat take over for the day. Our first day running we discovered our neighborhood is surrounded by government and police buildings, and has many guards patrolling the streets. One told Karim he needed to go put a shirt on if he wanted to keep running. Upon further research I discovered it is actually against the law for men and women in Panama to not wear a shirt unless you are located at a beach! Wow!

Panama City skyline behind me.

Panama City skyline behind me.

Interesting to see different places and the people there adapt and make their own rules and cultural norms.