Masha for MAXIM Covergirl 2019 Competition

There comes a time when you must love who you are totally, even if you are still on the journey to self-improvement. (Which is truly; never-ending!!)

Submitted this image for 2019 MAXIM Covergirl Competition. Photography by RAW by Jane

Still, self love must be present each and every step, to get the kind of self-sustained support you need to keep it going, even in those darkest of hours.

All I remember is that I HAD to have a huge sandwich right before we did this lingerie shoot. I was very hungry.

Almost two years ago I saw a number on a scale that I had never seen before. It shocked me, made me uncomfortable and forced me to cut out some unhealthy habits, such as late night chip and IPA snacks. This helped me get to a better shape and a better health again. I started to get active again through walking, biking, hiking and stretching and yoga. Since then, I have returned to the weight again (143 lbs), but still look as I do in these pictures. (HMMMM?)

Slowly, understanding to love every inch of myself, including the extra padding around my curves, my back and my stomach.

Entering this competition, I want to win and show that I can be on the cover of Maxim with my natural CURVES, along with a confidence to show up for MY OWN Self, every day. It is not a competition with the world, but a competition with my Self. Striving to always be the best version of Me.

My name is Masha and I weight 143 lbs and I am proud of my curves. I am competing in the MAXIM Covergirl Competition, you can vote once daily until Sept 12th!

Your vote will help me reach this dream and allow me to pursue my longtime dream of attending Goucher College for the Masters in Cultural Sustainability. My dream is to start my own nonprofit, helping immigrants (like myself) with resources for a better life.

Of course I know there are many applicants. That’s what makes my belief so strong. It is completely possible for a regular ballerina from Washington State to win the Covergirl Competition for MAXIM Magazine and go on to be on the cover of the publication.

You can vote once daily until Sept 12th and I am eternally grateful for everyones support in this! Thank you.

My favorite pose. Photography by Tracy, Owner of RAW by Jane

THANK YOU! <3 Masha

Love Your Curves, GIRL!

Photography by RAW by Jane