Manifestations: When Daydreams Turn Real

My world is the one I create.

I had heard people talk about manifesting everything from husbands to free manicures. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. So, unintentionally, I had been manifesting this for half the summer.


There was this unexplainable desire to be on the Oregon coast. Beach house. S’mores. Sunsets. Stars. The whole shebang!

At first, I just verbalized it. Expressing my wishes for this getaway. Telling my friends, loved ones, myself. This was something I was very committed to making happen.

Next, I began taking actions towards making it a reality. I looked up Airbnb’s in the area. Researched different coastal towns and continued to dream that I was there. It was like I could remember something that hadn’t yet happened, a memory was forming with no precursor.

Welcome to the Rodbys!

Welcome to the Rodbys!

Manifestations, to me, are similar to the law of attraction. Putting out specific energy into the universe literally manifests those actions into a reality. Its real magic and we can all do it. You just have to believe and actively pursue it.

The perfect evening for drinks, bonfires and s'mores.

The perfect evening for drinks, bonfires and s’mores

And suddenly I was being invited to a beach house on the Oregon Coast..


To get there I had to take a greyhound to Waldport, Oregon. Just like a bad comedy, I got off the bus for coffee in Olympia, only for it to take off without me. Yes, I had a freak out moment. The bus. Left. Without me. But after a few tears, I had to see there was some reason for this. Everything happens for a reason.

Greyhound adventures

Greyhound adventures with Denis

During this process I met Denis. He had been released from jail and was heading home on a different bus. Some people might have worried that I was talking with him, but my gut told me he was a kind person, with a good heart. My friend later asked if I thought there was a reason I met him.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” was my answer to him.

Denis was a simple reminder about respect and patience. 

It is always about the journey, not the destination.

Beachfront and no roommate or landlord!

Beachfront and no roommate or landlord!

Waldport and neighboring Newport have that southern Oregon, artsy, hippy vibe. Glass blowers, art galleries, hippy stores and a sleepy waterfronts with lots of yapping sea lions and great seafood everywhere. This place was my zen getaway. Sunshine was endless, and even though it was almost October, it felt like it was summer, still!

Cool mural in Newport, Oregon, just a neighbor town to Waldport.

Cool mural in Newport, Oregon, just a neighbor town to Waldport.

IMG_1369 (1)

The drive from Newport to Waldport.

Waldport in all its glory!

Waldport in all its glory!

I also discovered the key to eating a s’more. Its all in the double marshmellow. One graham cracker, two pieces of Hershey, double marshmellow, and another graham cracker. Best s’more I have ever had!

Its all about that double marshmellow.

Its all about that double marshmellow.

The whole time I was there I was just thinking, this manifestations stuff is so cool. First, I manifested a free trip to the Gorge for Foo Fighters, and now this!? Whats next?


Have you ever manifested something? What did you create for yourself and how did it come about?