Travel Europe Solo

Malta: A mystical, spiritual journey to an island unknown

I never expected to visit Malta.

Sunset adventures in Malta

Sunset at a beach in Malta.

It was a very foreign place if I had ever heard of one. I knew it was located somewhere in Europe, but more than that I don’t think I ever gave it a thought, or studied it in school.

Malta, came across as a suggestion when I was browsing Airbnb, looking for places to stay for an entire month. The place was Marsaxlokk, a cute port town, with an incredible deal, so I started digging and researching. My partner at the time had no interest in going to Europe, so Malta was put on the back burner.

Bay to Valletta, Malta

The view across the bay from Sliema looking at Valletta, Malta.

Fast forward to my solo Euro adventure two years ago. I called it my Universe Trust Fall. I bought a roundtrip ticket to Zurich, because it was incredibly cheap (less than $500 Roundtrip!). I didn’t have a single plan, just a few connections with friends around Europe and a desire to explore. With my curiosity for culture and adventure, the energy was unstoppable and I left for an entire month.

It was maybe brave, probably more stupid. Although I had the most incredible trip, I could have utilized my time better by preparing more ahead of time. Recently, I realized the true value of preparedness, but back then, this would be the lesson that although adventure is fun, preparing ahead of time allows you to enjoy the journey to the fullest, and be more present in it. This usually results in a better adventure all together, although I don’t think I would have changed a thing about my trip. Everything happens for a reason. Cliche, yes, true, also yes!

Explore and adventure in Malta.

Finding peace with yoga on a picturesque cliff in Malta. The nude beach was below this!

Back then, I wanted this ultra hippy journey. With just a backpack of my clothes and essentials, I followed the energy, my heart and whatever called me onto the path I was destined to travel.

Home away from home at the Jones Hostel.

The Jones Hostel in Sliema, Malta makes you feel like you have found your new family.

One of my favorite aspects of the stay in Malta was the hostel I found. The Hostel Jones is hands down one of the most memorable places I have EVER stayed, especially for a hostel. It was like being in a home away from home. Plus, the incredible people who were there at the same time made for eye opening and life shaking conversations. Some of us still stay in touch!

The short week I stayed in Sliema, changed my life forever. I did not have to do much to feel like I was taking advantage of life there. It felt safe. The people spoke English as well as any local dialect or foreign tongue. They were so eclectic; I don’t think I have ever seen so many locals, that were older and had tattoos, as I did in Malta. The energy was different there, not what I expected but a great experience nonetheless.

If you have the chance to explore these islands, I recommend a week, at least!