Travel style solo is my favorite style of travel.

Is Solo Travel For You?

Solo travel guide for world travel.

Always listen to your gut, follow your heart to the greatest adventure there is out there.

People always wonder how I can travel alone. I will have to say, it is NOT for everyone. Just like it takes a certain kind of person to be in a relationship with another, it takes a certain personality type to travel solo.

Solo travel is not for the faint of heart, in fact, I would have to say that people who travel solo are probably tougher than your normal human. They are okay with solitude, they don’t need a travel partner to feel secure and happy on an adventure, they are their own buddy.

Personally, I have a very strong personality. I’m particular; I like things the way I like them, but I also hate conflict. Through my life experiences I have realized when in a group setting, if it seems almost trivial, I will often let it slide, but at the end of the day I would be so unhappy making sure others are satisfied, which is one reason I mainly prefer to travel solo. I never have to compromise on the adventure for the day, that is one of my favorite aspects of solo travels; not having to do anything you don’t want to do.

You are your own boss and the leader of your expedition.

Solo travel allows me to fully emerge myself in the culture or situation, instead of worrying about my partner or travel buddy, how they feel, what they want to do or how they are doing. It’s all about me, what I want to do, see, explore.. and sometimes, everyone needs a moment like that (can you tell that I am an only child?)!

SO much of our days are spent making sure others are not offended, are catered to and everything is smooth sailing, all at our own expense. Forget that with solo travel! The world is your oyster and no one (expect maybe the local law) will dictate otherwise.

How to Travel Solo like a Pro

Can you go to a bar by your self? What about a restaurant? This may be a weird test, but my advice is if you can enjoy a meal out solo, you can travel solo too!

So decide, what kind of adventure do you want and what kind of personality do you have? Do you need a buddy to travel with? Easiest way to decide that is can you have a meal by yourself in a restaurant? This may sound like a silly question, but I know many independent women who have never eaten a meal out alone, they are afraid of the silence, what others might think seeing them like that or a multitude of other reasons I personally can’t relate to. If you can eat a meal out solo, you can probably adventure for a week or longer that way too! I recommend giving solo travel a try if it has been calling your soul, your gut will lead you to success, even in new situations.

Traveling with a partner will quickly determine your compatibility. Smoother sailing is a usually a good sign while unstoppable arguing, bickering and lack of passion will show the relationship is dead, trust me, I have been there, lived it and over it.

Traveling with a friend is usually a bit different than a partner, both situations can be amazing if it is the right travel friend or the right partnership, most likely you will know, and if not, I am sure you would never make that mistake again.

Third wheel travels is something I have very little experience with. My suggestion is you may want to hang out with the couple prior to travel to see how the dynamics will play out. If you are good traveling solo, this option may work for you too, as you have the option to be a part of a group, as well as go off to do it on your own too.

In conclusion, trust your gut. If you want to travel alone, do it. If you want a friend or a huge group, do that, and if you want to explore alone, try that also!

Solo travel has always been my favorite way to see the world, on my own, with my own rules. As a female solo traveler, it is the greatest way I have felt empowered, when I have done it on my own during my explorations. Through trial and error, you too can learn what is the best method of travel for you.

Solo Travel is my favorite travel style.

I feel I see the world through different eyes when I am able to do it alone.