Covid-19 Socially Distanced Safe Wedding

Why Getting Married During Covid-19 Was The Best Wedding Decision of My Life

At home, DIY wedding, minimony during the coronavirus global health pandemic 2020.
Keeping with my tradition of saving money on this wedding, I had a great time getting ready at my parent’s house and using their backyard as the perfect backdrop for pictures. Photography by Kathryn Parrott

If there is one thing we have learned over the last year of living in a global health pandemic, is that change is inevitable and don’t get too attached to the idea of anything how it used to be.

Especially when it comes to planning your wedding.

I got engaged on May 14, 2019, while celebrating our one-year anniversary of dating. At the time, I had no clue what the next year would entail and how much it would dictate our plans.

Originally we had booked a lavish restaurant venue on the water, with breathtaking views of a Marina, the Puget Sound, mountains in the background and a big cityscape on the other side. It was perfect and we couldn’t wait to enjoy the space.

Original wedding venue, picked in 2019, prior to finding out about the coronavirus in 2020.
The inside of our original venue.
Original wedding venue in Seattle by Marina, picked before Covid-19 would cancel many weddings.
The outside area to where we thought we would get married.

Of course, nothing as we originally planned happened, but the outcome was even better than I could have ever imagine, because it was incredibly special- focused on what I believe is most important in any wedding – the couple!

Getting married during a global pandemic in 2020. Photography by Kathryn Parrott in Seattle, Washington.
Photography by Kathryn Parrott

Our original guest list was 130+, already hitting the space limit and excluding many children of those who would attend. As the reality started to hit that we would have to cancel our wedding at the location we chose, I began to search for a substitute.

I chose to follow my gut for safety, as well as legal guideline set by the city, but opted to search for an outdoor venue, which was convenient since our wedding would take place beginning of August, some of the peak perfect weather in Seattle.

In some ways, I am a local to the area; having lived mostly in Seattle since my arrival to the United States in the late 90’s. I knew parks in the area, which ones were more secluded, had public restrooms, epic views and benches or tables.

Ironically, we ended up getting married at the same spot we had the majority of our engagement photos. The space was perfect for us.

Engagement shoot prior to Pandemic, Seattle Washington. Photography by RAW by Jane
Photography by RAW by Jane

Outdoors surrounded by water, incredible views of the downtown skyline and the Olympic Mountain range in the distance, we were even graced by the presence of a bald eagle during the event.

How to do a small safe DIY wedding during a global health pandemic, outside, social distancing, safe, fun and minimony. Photography by Kathryn Parrott, Ceremony led by Carla Plante.
Photography by Kathryn Parrott, Ceremony led by Carla Plante

This was a space we had frequented in our early days as a couple, pretty regularly. I grew up near this area and remembered when the park was built and brand new to the neighborhood. 

Every wedding, like every couple is different and unique. If I can give any advice to those planning to marry during a pandemic, it’s to focus on what is most important to you as a couple, and try to make it as close to that as possible. For us, it was keeping the wedding about us, about our love, about Our Union.

Safe wedding during covid-19, keep it outdoors, socially distancing for fun. Photography by Kathryn Parrott. His suit by TOPShop, her dress by David's Bridal. Veil imported from St. Petersburg, Russia.
Photography Kathryn Parrott, His Suit TOPShop, Her Dress David’s Bridal, Veil Imported from Russia

So talk with your significant other, about what is most important to you as a couple for your wedding.

Is it to have as many of your loved ones and friends in attendance or viewing the vows? Perhaps a ZOOM wedding is the best option for right now, with a follow up party when restrictions are lifted. Or at least to get it recorded and shared through a file for all to view.

If it’s about food, décor, then make sure the day reflects that!

DIY Wedding outdoors during covid-19 to keep everyone safe and happy in Seattle, Washington. Photography by Kathryn Parrott.
How we made our wedding unique and special to us; my husband’s dear friend led the ceremony and married us, I did my own hair and make-up and created the floral arrangements for the bouquets and his boutonniere.

Most importantly, converse, discuss and be on the same page, because having the day reflect both of your desires will only allow for the happiest of memories to take place.

Getting married during Covid-19 was the best decision I made because it allowed us to focus on what was truly important for us as a couple- and it wasn’t the most lavish set up, expensive outfits or a big crowd, it was having the two of us, there, proclaiming our love and commitment to each other.

DIY Wedding Make your own bouquet, do your own hair, have your friends help out if they want and keep it socially distanced with masks and safety. Photography by Kathryn Parrott.
Our friends decorated the cart and pedaled us back home during sunset. Photography by Kathryn Parrott

Best of luck planning your Covid-19 safe wedding!

Socially distanced safe wedding in Seattle, WA. Live music by The Brodcast and Holly the Riot. Photography by Kathryn Parrott.
Live music by our dear friends; The Brodcast and Holly the Riot, who also happened to be the concert we visited on our very first date, was one of the best ways to make OUR day special to US! Photography by Kathryn Parrott