My Story


You could say I began this journey December 2013. I was in Puerto Rico for Christmas, enjoying the beautiful beaches, people, and laid back attitude. As usual, I was inspired by the new culture around me.  I had majored in Cultural Anthropology, and visits to new places always fed my hunger for international diversity. The uniqueness, originality, left me itching for more… (Isn’t that how it always seems to be?) But this time I really meant it!

I wanted to travel the world, and I was going to make it happen. While on this  Christmas holiday, I started using Kayak to search for my dream destination.. ITALY! Thats when I found it. A ticket to Italy, roundtrip, three weeks, for $774! Maybe this wasn’t the best deal out there, but having seen the cost of tickets to go back to Mother Russia (usually at least $1,000, if not more) or Ecuador, it seemed like a damn steal to me. But I was still afraid.. I had never traveled solo and thought I needed a buddy to have fun and feel safe. (I was WRONG, very very wrong). Although I made attempts to find a travel friend, all failed. Which was the best gift from the Universe, I would soon find out.

Bahama's blue waters.

Bahama’s blue waters.

The next year was pretty fantastic. You could call it the year of travel, before my real year of travel (which is now, starting April 2015). I went to Napa Valley for a week long Leadership Conference for my work. Then my friend and I went on our first cruise, to the Bahamas. I visited friends back home in Seattle and in Oregon, went on a cruise to Mexico, went to Black Rock City for the Burn and then, finally, it was time.


This is when my life changed. Completely. Of course I was scared shitless.. Mostly EVERYONE helped with this.. ” you’re traveling by yourself?!?..” Endless versions of this question, followed by suggestions to stay safe, etc, etc…

In magical Verona.

In magical Verona.

But I got there and it was even more beautiful and delicious than I could have ever expected. I was hooked. I wanted to travel more, see more, explore, and continue to learn about myself. Before I left for Italy, a friend told me,                    ” you’re going to learn so much about yourself.” But I really didn’t understand what she meant. Until I did.

The rest is history! I went to Rome, Naples, Florence and Bologna, plus some day trips in-between. Met friends from Seattle in Rome, made new friends from Texas and New York, ate so many carbs and drank so much wine, that I definitely came back a different size, but I didn’t care it was so worth it!

Arriving on the island of Capri!

Arriving on the island of Capri!

I had the opportunity to travel for a few months and now I know that is what I want to be doing. But, how? Currently I work at the beautiful Evergreen Market in Renton, being a cannabis consultant in this breakthrough time in our state and nation’s history! ABOUT TIME!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading. I like to share my stories and live my life with these two sayings in mind…

“Work hard, play harder.”


“Good, better, best, never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better is its best!”

So, I experience the world around me, looking for the most unique, delicious and exciting places to uncover and foods to discover and devour. Travel curation is just the start– if you have any questions  about planning your future journey, don’t be shy, email me!

[email protected]

The other stuff about me..

Originally from St.Petersburg, Russia, I moved to Seattle at age 7 and have called it home every since. (West Seattle, 206 baby!) I grew up dancing ballet and continued with my hobby into college.

Graduating from Central Washington University in 2012 with a BA in Cultural Anthropology, minoring in Russian Language, Dance, Dance Performance and Nonprofit Administration Management, I found my passion for philanthropy, fundraising and directing charitable events, specifically using the arts as a catalyst for goodness promotion.

For two years I traveled between Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, working as a face-to-face fundraiser for a noncommissioned third-party fundraising company. Then, I decided to quit my job and travel the world for a few months. Now, I live in Seattle, WA, working at the Evergreen Market. In between the weed industry, my kitty and planning my next vacation, I am writing blogs about my experiences. I hope to inspire others to also stretch themselves, break free, have freedom and do something different. If you are thinking it, you should do it.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I live by this motto now, and every day, I try, to make decisions better than I have in the past. It is hard. A battle, with myself. But every day that I succeed, I feel better about myself, I grow a little, and hopefully it will stick for longer, continue to grow from, to better myself.

Travel and culture observations are my passions. Here I will share my day to day activities, tips, and whatever else I decide post-worthy. Hope you enjoy!

With Much Love,